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We Have Always Lived In The Castle

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

At Toasty Press, we not only want you to write with us but to join us in taking long, luxurious bubble baths through some of our highest literary recommendations. Come along and let's get Lit! Get your copy through the Toasty Press link below.*

Rockosophy's Recomendation

It is the American Gothic novel for our age, supremely relevant to modern social issues. Shirley Jackson constructs a fragile lattice of caste conflict between the old wealth of the Blackwood family and the townspeople. With a little sister's love of stasis, it comes as no surprise that the perfect older sister's name is Constance. When it’s all over you will leave … chilled.

Dusty Words's Recommendation

It takes extremely strong convictions for nearly the entirety of a town’s people to decide to torment a well-known, neighboring family. Similarly, one has to be quite convinced before they poison that family at dinner. Throughout this novella, especially because of the narrator’s antics, I found myself wondering: ‘is delusion—the cause of love, murder, and torment—the rule or exception in this story?’ The characters themselves seem to be on the edge of answering this question for themselves and I think you’ll enjoy their teetering.

*Toasty Press will receive a small commission for every purchase from this link

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