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The Sirens of Titan

At Toasty Press, we not only want you to write with us but to join us in taking long, luxurious bubble baths through some of our highest literary recommendations. Come along and let's get Lit! Get your copy through the Toasty Press link below.*

Dustin’s Recommendation

In The Sirens of Titan, Vonnegut creates a chaotic and unforgettable universe that is worth exploring, especially for those prepared to have a bit of fun thinking about the meaning of life.

I love how Vonnegut matter-of-factly states the most absurd details about his characters and settings. There are sober truths throughout that, perhaps because they involve characters like harmoniums, space wanderers, and Titanic Bluebirds, go down smooth and without pretentiousness. Those truths hit me with surprise and a wave of feeling that I don’t usually find elsewhere.

I read this book for the first time ten years ago, when I was an undergrad. I appreciated it differently the second time, though still found it to be an incredibly unique read. Perhaps you are at a ‘point in time’ (to reference an idea in the book!) where you would cherish reading Sirens, too.

Rockosophy’s Recommendation

Reading Sirens is like watching a team of well-spoken construction workers successfully build a pyramid upside down. Kurt Vonnegut will implicate you with his fast action and circuitous plots, one way or another, whether you root for or against his characters. It’s a masterpiece of science fiction inventiveness! It’s a comedy for the upbeat pessimism he uses to frame the motivations permeating the Sirens of Titan.

Vonnegut writes with a voracious appetite for his point, while making you ask patiently for another clue as to where that point is. If you don’t love it, you haven’t finished it, yet.

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